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What shall I do If I meet with an Accident?

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1 What shall I do If I meet with an Accident? on Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:02 pm


- A driver of the Motor Vehicle shall immediately stop the Vehicle

- Furnish his Name and Address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle the distinctive number of the vehicle and other particulars relating thereto.

- In any case where the person to whom injury has been caused so request, or if he is unconscious or if the injury caused that person appears to endanger life, take that person immediately to near by hospital or to a medical practitioner and thereafter report the accident forthwith to the officer-In-Charge of the nearest Police Station.

- The driver of the vehicle shall forthwith inform the Police Officer and the Gramasevaka Niladhari along with the documents possessed by the driver.

- The driver shall report the accident forthwith to the nearest Police Station or if the driver fails to do so one of the occupants should inform the nearest Police Station within twenty four hours of the accident

- The driver of the vehicle shall as soon as possible within twenty four hours of the occurrence of the accident shall produce all certificates for purpose of inspection at the nearest Police Station.


You should proceed to the nearest Police Station and lodge a complaint. In the complaint you should mention the number of the driving licence, NIC Number in order to obtain the same having done so obtain the copy of the complaint. In order to obtain a new driving licence produce two copies of your photograph. Also obtain a application forms from the Commissioner of the Motor Traffic Department or from the Katchcheri having perfected the necessary form submit the same with necessary monetary charges to the RMV obtain a copy of your complaint. A copy of your complaint is not a valid driving licence.

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