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Tenancies Controlled by the Rent Act

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1 Tenancies Controlled by the Rent Act on Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:49 pm


If the residence you are looking at falls under the terms of the Rent Act, you will have additional protection under Sri Lankan law. The rental prices of residences controlled by the Rent Act are determined by the value of the residence as calculated by the Sri Lankan state. Properties leased under the Rent Act are pro-tenant, and, as such, guard tenants against termination of a tenancy contract except in the following instances:

* a tenant has incurred late payments in excess of one month
* the residence has been critically damaged or has fallen into disrepair due to improper use or neglect
* the leased premises are, or have been, used for unethical or illegal activity

Under the Rent Act, lessees are protected in their tenancy, unless one of the above legal conflicts arises. Unless the tenant is in violation of these terms, the landlord may not legally terminate the agreed-upon contract.

Though the legal system in Sri Lanka is effective, the court system is often backlogged with cases. This can occasionally make things difficult for landlords. Landlords seeking late rent payments from their lessees may have to wait up to a year for their cases to be dealt with. Landlords seeking to evict an unruly tenant may face a wait of numerous years, depending on the state of the local courts. The Sri Lankan court system deals justly with both tenants and landlords, but may occasionally be slow in processing cases.

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