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Obtaining Environment Protection License

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1 Obtaining Environment Protection License on Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:54 am


I am starting a polythene recycling industry in my own premises. Do I have to obtain an Environment Protection Licence? What is an Environment Protection Licence and what are the documents to be submitted with an EPL application?

2 Re: Obtaining Environment Protection License on Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:54 am


Yes. You have to obtain an Environment Protection Licence from the Central Environmental Authority (CEA).

The Environmental Protection Licence is a regulatory/legal tool under the provisions of the National Environmental Act No 47 0f 1980 (NEA).

Section 23A of NEA states that no person shall carry out any prescribed activity except under the authority of an Environmental Protection Licence.

That means it is a legal authorization under certain conditions, for industries/ activities to discharge effluents, deposit wastes, emit smoke/gases/fumes/vapor or excessive noise /vibration into the environment.

The following documents have to be submitted with your application:

* Certificate for the Registration of Business

* Legal authorization to use the land for the particular industrial activity. (copy of deed, copy of the lease agreement of the land etc.)

* Copy of Survey Plan of the land

* Legal authorization for establishing the particular industry at the site. (Certificate of Conformity/Trade License or Consent paper from relevant LA)

* Production Certificate necessary for specific products.

(Distilleries, medicinal products, pesticide manufacturing etc.)

* Proposal for pollutant abatement

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