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Workmen Compensation in Sri Lanka

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1 Workmen Compensation in Sri Lanka on Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:09 pm


The Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance No.19 of 1934 (“WCO”) provides for the imbursement of compensation to employees who go through an illness/injury in the course of their employment. In the case of an employee’s death in such circumstances, the WCO provides for payment of compensation to his/her dependents.

The quantum of compensation payable is set out in Schedule VI of the WCO and estimated according to the monthly salary of the employee at the time of death/disablement. The categories laid out for in the Ordinance are as follows:-

- Death (of minor/adult);
- Permanent and complete disablement (paralysis, blindness etc.);
- Permanent partial disablement (loss of a limb or a part thereof or digit, loss of hearing, loss of one eye etc.);
- Temporary disablement (whether partial or total)

Compensation is also allocated in the case of suffering by an occupational disease. The charge of compensation is decided upon after taking into deliberation the nature of the illness and the situations in which it happened.

In both instances given above, the injury/illness suffered should be an injury/illness occurring out of employment or should have occurred in the course of employment. If it is an occupational disease, it should be contracted as a result of working in such an occupation.

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